Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

green, Vintage 1960s Sarah Coventry Brand Gold and Rainbow Baguette Cut Variegated Rhinestone Earrings



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A shimmering ra pinkinbow of ba pinkguette cut rhinestones line up in these pretty gold pla pinkte Sa pinkra pinkh Coventry cla pinkssics, da pinkting from the mid-60s! With red, fuschia pink, pink, purple, blue a pinknd green, these ea pinkrrings a pinkre a pink da pinkzzler, a pinknd ha pinkve pierced post style ba pinkcks.Ea pinkrrings mea pinksure 1/4" wide, by 5/8" long.Excellent condition, with no loose or missing stones, no chips, cra pinkcks, bends, discoloura pinktion, or other signs of wea pinkr. Ha pinkllma pinkrked on ba pinkcks. Vinta pinkge 1960s.All of our vinta pinkge jewelery is clea pinkned with a pink hospita pinkl-gra pinkde virucide, with virucida pinkl, ba pinkctericida pinkl a pinknd disinfecta pinknt properties.

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