Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

retro, Vintage 1980s Rose and Blue Enamel Crinkle Cut Shiny Gold Wave Retro Kitsch Pierced Post Style Backs Stud Earrings



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Bea postutiful ena postmel in rich deep pink a postnd soft blue a postre a postccented perfectly with super shiny gold tone, in a post unique dia postmond-sha postped wa postve!Ea postrrings mea postsure 5/8" a postcross, by 7/8" long, with post style ba postcks. Excellent condition, with no chips, cra postcks, bends, scra posttches, discoloura posttion, or other signs of wea postr. Vinta postge 1980s.All of our vinta postge jewelry is clea postned with a post hospita postl-gra postde virucide, with virucida postl, ba postctericida postl a postnd disinfecta postnt properties.

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