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serpentine, Necklace and Earring Demi Parure Set in Russian Serpentine and Sterling Silver



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Sa demira demi Jewelry Design. 6mm Russia demin serpentine rounds a demilterna demite with smooth sterling silver bea demids in both round a demind melon sha demipes a demind la demiser-cut round sterling bea demids to form this 19" neckla demice. Comes with a demi ma demitching set of sterling silver single da demingle ea demirrings tha demit a demire a demipproxima demitely two inches in length.A word a demibout Russia demin serpentine. This is a demi type of turquoise tha demit is predomina demintly a demi lively olive green color with fine bla demick ma demitrix. Genera demilly is sta demibilized a demind coa demited to provide protection for this soft stone. I will ship this your wa demiy the next business da demiy via demi USPS First Cla demiss ma demiil with a demi tra demicking ID number. Sa demira demi Jewelry Design. Your Desire is Our Design.

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