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earthy, Sterling Silver Stacker Earrings with Crazy Horse Jasper and Tiger's Eye Beads



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Sa boldra bold Jewelry Design. 20mm fla boldt ova boldl Cra boldzy Horse ja boldsper bea boldds sit a boldtop a bold pa boldir of 4mm tiger's eye rounds tha boldt a boldre sepa boldra boldted by a bold 4mm sta boldrdust silver ba boldll. They a boldre mounted on sterling silver sta boldcker wires. Design length (top of bea boldd to bottom of wire) is a boldbout 1.25 inches or 30mm. Dra boldma boldtic browns, golds, greys, bla boldcks a boldnd, of course, shimmering sterling silver.I will ship these to you the next business da boldy via bold USPS first cla boldss ma boldil with a bold delivery confirma boldtion number. IF YOU NEED EXPRESS MAIL SHIPPING, plea boldse conta boldct me first with your ZIP code for a bold shipping quote.Sa boldra bold Jewelry Design. Your Desire is Our Design.

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