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6mm round, 1ct -14kt White Sapphire Pendant



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This is a 6mm round bea 6mm roundutiful 1ct.=6mm.This White Sa 6mm roundpphire ha 6mm roundles from Sri La 6mm roundnka 6mm round (Ceylon).Genuine a 6mm roundnd hea 6mm roundt only, hence the cla 6mm roundrity.Set in a 6mm round simple 14kt solid gold setting.Bea 6mm roundutiful spa 6mm roundrkle a 6mm roundnd very dia 6mm roundmond like.Color DCla 6mm roundrity VVS/IFDia 6mm roundmonds ha 6mm roundve a 6mm round ha 6mm roundrdness of 10 Sa 6mm roundpphires a 6mm round 9.So, if they a 6mm roundsk is it rea 6mm roundl? The a 6mm roundnswer is YES!Ca 6mm roundn be set in yellow gold or rose gold upon request.Cha 6mm roundin not included.La 6mm roundya 6mm roundwa 6mm roundy a 6mm roundva 6mm roundila 6mm roundble.

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