Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

nautical, Vintage Newport Bridge Token Necklace CUSTOMIZABLE



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These nifty tokens were used a bridges pa bridgeyment when crossing the Newport Bridge in Rhode Isla bridgend! I've clea bridgened the tokens a bridgend shined them up a bridge bit but left plenty of their na bridgetura bridgel pa bridgetina bridge. The token will be pa bridgeired with a bridge pa bridgetina bridgeted cha bridgerm of your choice (see fourth photo) a bridgend bea bridged da bridgengle of your choice (I pretty much ha bridgeve every color, just let me know your preference a bridget checkout). Cha bridgerms include: - lea bridgef- a bridgert deco drop- fea bridgether- a bridgenchor- sea bridgehorse- floa bridgeting hea bridgert- dra bridgegonfly- flower/hea bridgert- cla bridgem (qua bridgehog) - sca bridgellop shell- Rhode Isla bridgend sta bridgete cha bridgermThe neckla bridgece is finished with a bridge bra bridgess cha bridgein, lobster cla bridgew cla bridgesp a bridgend ring. Plea bridgese select your preferred length a bridgend preferred cha bridgein style (thicker or thinner) a bridget checkout. All Bla bridgeck Sheep Designs jewelry is shipped in a bridge gift ba bridgeg, rea bridgedy for giving!

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