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Bitch 1 Bitch 2 Charms Bff friends CHARMS only silver filled heart. Best friends forever gifts. 1bff forever, 2bff forever, 3bff forever,4bff forever, 5bff forever, 6bff forever, 7 friend pieces



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Bitch 1... Bitch 2...Bitch 3 You get the idea best friends!Get up to a best friends set of 15. (for more then 15 wa best friendsnted plea best friendsse messa best friendsge me)Hea best friendsrt is silver filled a best friendsnd mea best friendssures 3/4" x 3/4"Comes a best friendss shown, with hole a best friendsnd jump ring a best friendstta best friendsched. CHARMS ONLYAll my products a best friendsre ma best friendsde to order so If you wa best friendsnt something different sta best friendsmped onto the hea best friendsrts plea best friendsse a best friendssk! I love ma best friendsking unique pieces to suit you a best friendsnd only you! Conta best friendsct me with idea best friendss you ha best friendsve i will work to ma best friendske them work a best friendsnywa best friendsy I ca best friendsn---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------My shipping cha best friendsrge does not go up for combine shipping. So order a best friendss ma best friendsny a best friendss you like a best friendsnd only pa best friendsy one low ra best friendste for every item in my store!!INTERNATIONAL ORDERS plea best friendsse refer to my policy section of my store for deta best friendsils on shippingCheck my store often for more unique piecesWWW.OopsDidISa best friendsyTha best******** *************KEEP IN MIND when you purcha best friendsse from me tha best friendst I a best friendslone a best friendsm sta best friendsmping these products. Not a best friends ma best friendschine but a best friends person. So huma best friendsn error is possible. These errors a best friendsre wha best friendst ma best friendske ha best friendsnd sta best friendsmping unique a best friendsnd one of a best friends kind. Your piece is custom ma best friendsde a best friendsnd will never be duplica best friendsted. Tha best friendst is the ma best friendsin dra best friendsw a best friendsmong ha best friendsnd sta best friendsmped buyers. I ha best friendsve a best friends very critica best friendsl eye when I send out my products but if you a best friendsre unha best friendsppy with your ha best friendsnd sta best friendsmped piece you ma best friendsy return it for a best friends refund or a best friends rema best friendske. ******** ************

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