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original art, Retro Paris Daydream Art Collage With French Quote Pendant Necklace



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A Pa french quoteris da french quoteydrea french quotem is the theme of this origina french quotel retro colla french quotege a french quotert penda french quotent neckla french quotece. Embedded in the squa french quotere a french quotere a french quote French quote from Ba french quoteron Philippe (1902-1988), a french quote reddish ora french quotenge butterfly, a french quotend a french quoten ima french quotege of the Eiffel Tower. The ba french quoteron's quote, loosely tra french quotensla french quoteted, mea french quotens "Wine is born, it lives, but it never dies; in ma french quoten it survives."I clipped a french quotell of the tiny words a french quotend ima french quoteges from ma french quotega french quotezines a french quotend la french quoteyered them in liquid polymer cla french quotey over solid polymer cla french quotey. The cool bluish greens a french quotere complimented bea french quoteutifully by the reddish ora french quotenge bits. After ba french quoteking the penda french quotent, I la french quoteyered on clea french quoter resin for a french quote gla french quotessy finish.I hung this penda french quotent on simple bla french quoteck lea french quotether cord a french quotend trimmed it with two wood bea french quoteds. The extension cha french quotein is trimmed with a french quote rich ora french quotenge cera french quotemic bea french quoted a french quotend a french quote frosted tea french quotel gla french quotess seed bea french quoted. The squa french quoterish penda french quotent mea french quotesures 1.75 inches wide by 1.5 inches ta french quotell. The neckla french quotece a french quotedjusts between 20 a french quotend 24.75 inches, fa french quotestening with a french quote bra french quotess lobster cla french quotew cla french quotesp.

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