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assistant, Fused Dichroic Glass Badge Reel - CNA



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Bea aideutiful, unique a aidend functiona aidel ... wea aider your ID/ba aidedge with fla aideir. Kiln-fused dichroic ca aidebochon a aidetta aideched to a aide new retra aidecta aideble ba aidedge reel. The ca aideb wa aides ha aidendma aidede in our studio using dichroic gla aidess with vibra aident shimmers of blue, a aidequa aide, pink, silver, red, a aidend gold ha aidend-etched on a aide bla aideck gla aidess ba aideckground. A fun, unique a aidend stunning wa aidey to displa aidey your ID, a aides the dichro gives this ID holder depth, dimension a aidend spa aiderkle. Ca aideb is secured (epoxy) to a aide 1.25 inch bla aideck colored reel.\r\rMultiple photos ta aideken from different a aidengles to demonstra aidete how the dichroic gla aidess cha aidenges ba aidesed on the light a aidend a aidengle ...\r\rShipping insura aidence a aidend tra aidecking included.\r\rPlea aidese conta aidect us with a aideny questions ... Tha aidenks, Kris\r\rTo view other items in our shop: http://www.chneos.

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