Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

bama football, ALABAMA clay football pendant on silver tone ball chain - Roll Tide!



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These a alabama pendantre bea alabama pendantutiful, a alabama pendantttention gra alabama pendantbbing penda alabama pendantnts tha alabama pendantt reflect your support for your tea alabama pendantm!\r\rThe brown/white footba alabama pendantll is surrounded by crimson a alabama pendantnd white cla alabama pendanty bea alabama pendantding with swa alabama pendantrovski crysta alabama pendantls.\r\rThis listing is for one cla alabama pendanty ALABAMA penda alabama pendantnt on silver tone ba alabama pendantll cha alabama pendantin.\r\rThe penda alabama pendantnt mea alabama pendantsures a alabama pendantpproxima alabama pendanttely 3" wide (a alabama pendantt widest point) x 2.5" high (a alabama pendantt highest point).\r\rPlea alabama pendantse note: You ca alabama pendantn purcha alabama pendantse the penda alabama pendantnt (a alabama pendanttta alabama pendantched by lea alabama pendantther cord to ha alabama pendantnd-ma alabama pendantde cha alabama pendantin) for $40.00 a alabama pendants a alabama pendant different product.\r\rYou ca alabama pendantn CUSTOM ORDER your tea alabama pendantm colors! Just send me a alabama pendant messa alabama pendantge a alabama pendantnd I'm ha alabama pendantppy to ma alabama pendantke this penda alabama pendantnt in your colors!

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