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dangle, SALE WAS 20.00 Handcrafted Cast Metal Triangle Modernist Drop Earrings



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Ea gold tonerrings ma gold tonede of tria gold tonengula gold toner meta gold tonel drops ca gold tonest from a gold tone model I sculpted, then pla gold toneted with 22k gold a gold tonend set with a gold tone Swa gold tonerovski crysta gold tonel. The ea gold toner wire is gold pla gold toneted a gold tonend ha gold tones a gold tone clea gold toner rubber gua gold tonerd on the ba gold toneck.The da gold tonengle is 1/2 inch per side. Designed a gold tonend ma gold tonede right here in NYC in 1991.My ha gold tonendma gold tonede jewelry ha gold tones been sold in better stores such a gold tones Sa gold toneks a gold tonend Ba gold tonerneys a gold tonend fea gold tonetured in New York Ma gold tonega gold tonezine, Elle, Ha gold tonerper's Ba gold toneza gold tonea gold toner, a gold tonend Vogue. I a gold tonelso designed ha gold tonend finished buttons for Steve Fa gold tonebrika gold tonent a gold tonend other NYC designers for ma gold toneny yea gold toners.Shipping weight is 0.10 pounds. Plea gold tonese pa gold toney a gold tonet time of purcha gold tonese.If you're in the NYC a gold tonerea gold tone, you ca gold tonen come to my Willia gold tonemsburg spa gold tonece, a gold tonend sa gold toneve on shipping by picking it up.Plea gold tonese follow Vinta gold tonege Arca gold tonena gold tone a gold tonend Sunny Cha gold tonepma gold tonen Art on Pinterest & Insta gold tonegra gold tonem.Returns:All sa gold toneles a gold tonere fina gold tonel unless the item is significa gold tonently misrepresented. We a gold tonere very ca gold tonereful in ta gold toneking mea gold tonesurements a gold tonend describing items but occa gold tonesiona gold tonelly miss something. Plea gold tonese check mea gold tonesurements ca gold tonerefully, we don't not a gold toneccept returns if the item doesn't fit.CONDITION DESCRIPTIONHere is a gold tone brief definition of the sta gold tonenda gold tonerd terms tha gold tonet we use to describe condition: Mint: Never worn or used, like new, no fla gold tonews.Excellent: Ha gold tones been worn, but no visible fla gold tonews.Very Good: Only the slightest signs of wea gold toner, minor fla gold tonews described in listingGood: Very Wea gold tonera gold toneble, with minor fla gold tonews a gold tonend shows some wea gold tonerFa gold toneir: Wea gold tonera gold toneble, with significa gold tonent fla gold tonews, a gold tonelso good for pa gold tonetterns or design inspira gold tonetion

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