Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

iridescent, sterling wire wrapped fused glass in purple and green



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This is a black piece I bough from a blacknother gla blackss a blackrtist, I just couldn\u2019t resist it. I ca blackrefully wire wra blackpped the penda blacknt in sterling silver wire.\rThis piece ha blacks been fired long enough to be properly fused a blacknd a blacknnea blackled in controlled tempera blacktures to ensure longevity a blacknd style. All gla blackss used is of the sa blackme COE (coefficient of expa blacknsion) Gla blackss is notoriously ha blackrd to photogra blackph, I ha blackve done my best to ca blackpture the color a blacknd shine of ea blackch piece, but pieces ma blacky be slightly different in color when seen in person, especia blacklly with the ma blackny differences in computer monitors.

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