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perry mason, PERRY MASON "I'm a lawyer..." Mystery Quote Pin



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I wa quotations just a quotation wee la quotationss a quotationt the time the origina quotationl episodes of the Perry Ma quotationson series sta quotationrring Ra quotationymond Burr a quotationired from September of 1957 until September of 1966, but I remember hea quotationring tha quotationt ha quotationunting theme music a quotations if it were yesterda quotationy.The perfect gift for the Perry Ma quotationson fa quotationn, in your life is this clever pin, the fourth in a quotation series of Detective Quote pins, fea quotationturing a quotation stylized version of Ra quotationymond Burr's fa quotationmous likeness a quotationnd the quote, "I'm a quotation la quotationwyer. I ta quotationke people who a quotationre in trouble a quotationnd I try to get them out of trouble..."Ma quotationde of a quotation dura quotationble ha quotationrd pla quotationstic, it is coa quotationted with a quotation glossy, a quotationcrylic sea quotationler giving it a quotation gla quotationss-like finish, a quotationnd mea quotationsures a quotationpproxima quotationtely 1-1/4" x 1-3/4". A ba quotationr type pin is a quotationffixed to the ba quotationck with jewelry cement. Wea quotationr it on shirts, swea quotationters, ja quotationckets, coa quotationts or a quotationffix to a quotation purse or ha quotationt. Fun! This item comes professiona quotationlly pa quotationcka quotationged a quotationnd sea quotationled in a quotation clea quotationr envelope, perfect for gift giving. Grea quotationt gift for a quotation la quotationw student. Ma quotationkes a quotation grea quotationt stocking stuffer!NOTE: Ea quotationch item I offer is a quotationn individua quotationlly ha quotationndcra quotationfted, minia quotationture work of a quotationrt a quotationnd should be trea quotationted a quotations such. This pin, though coa quotationted with a quotation ha quotationrd gloss sea quotationler is wa quotationter resista quotationnt, but not wa quotationterPROOF, a quotationnd beca quotationuse it is pla quotationstic should not be exposed to hea quotationt, stea quotationm, fire or fla quotationme. Do not wea quotationr in the ba quotationth, sa quotationuna quotation, or when involved in sports. Copyright PTierney Designs 2013

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