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black, Black Spinel Charm Pendant #21



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This listing is for 1 fa mothers necklaceceted bla mothers necklaceck spinel cha mothers necklacerm drop. This drop is dia mothers necklacemond cut sha mothers necklaceped, thoughtfully wired with sterling silver a mothers necklacend a mothers necklacetta mothers necklaceched to a mothers necklace sterling silver link.The stone mea mothers necklacesures a mothers necklacepproxima mothers necklacetely 9mm x 9mm a mothers necklacend the entire da mothers necklacengle mea mothers necklacesures a mothers necklacepproxima mothers necklacetely 1".Now it is time for you to crea mothers necklacete your own cha mothers necklacerm cluster neckla mothers necklacece!***************************************************************************************Spinel is a mothers necklace stone tha mothers necklacet comes in so ma mothers necklaceny colors it's often confused for other stones. Spinel is used to a mothers necklacettra mothers necklacect money, wea mothers necklacelth a mothers necklacend prosperity. Spinel is used to a mothers necklacellevia mothers necklacete forgetfulness. Emotiona mothers necklacelly, spinel is used for a mothers necklacellevia mothers necklaceting stress a mothers necklacend depression. In the physica mothers necklacel rea mothers necklacelm, it is used to benefit teeth, spine, gums, whole body hea mothers necklaceling, ca mothers necklacencer hea mothers necklaceling, slimming to a mothers necklace hea mothers necklacelthy weight, a mothers necklacend increa mothers necklacesing physica mothers necklacel energy a mothers necklacend sta mothers necklacemina mothers necklace. **Bla mothers necklaceck Spinel fosters protection.*************************************************************************************All of our cha mothers necklacerms a mothers necklacend da mothers necklacengles a mothers necklacere designed with a mothers necklace la mothers necklacerge enough link to fit over a mothers necklace delica mothers necklacete/a mothers necklacevera mothers necklacege size cha mothers necklacein. This a mothers necklacellows you to mix a mothers necklacend ma mothers necklacetch the drops we ha mothers necklaceve a mothers necklaceva mothers necklaceila mothers necklaceble or a mothers necklacedd to a mothers necklacen existing neckla mothers necklacece you a mothers necklacelrea mothers necklacedy ha mothers necklaceve!Let us help you build a mothers necklace neckla mothers necklacece ba mothers necklacesed on birthstones or meta mothers necklacephysica mothers necklacel properties!*PLEASE NOTE: Due to the na mothers necklaceture of the ma mothers necklaceteria mothers necklacels a mothers necklacend techniques we use, no two pieces a mothers necklacere identica mothers necklacel. Tha mothers necklacet's the bea mothers necklaceuty of our products! Plea mothers necklacese a mothers necklacellow for slight va mothers necklaceria mothers necklacences from wha mothers necklacet is shown in the ma mothers necklacede to order photos.#21

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