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metallic, Metallic Dangle Beaded Earrings



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These a beaded earringsre ma beaded earringsde with meta beaded earringsllic gra beaded earringsy clea beaded earringsr gla beaded earringsss bea beaded earringsds with a beaded earrings crysta beaded earringsl ba beaded earringsnd. Will go perfectly with a beaded earringsny outfit. Grea beaded earringst for work, girls night out, prom, weddings or a beaded earringsnytime you need a beaded earrings little bling. The surgica beaded earringsl steel ea beaded earringsrring hooks a beaded earringsre nickel free a beaded earringsnd will come with rubber ba beaded earringsckings to help reduce the cha beaded earringsnce of losing a beaded earringsn ea beaded earringsrring. They will be pa beaded earringscka beaded earringsged in a beaded earrings little jewelry box. If you a beaded earringsre purcha beaded earringssing more tha beaded earringsn one pa beaded earringsir, plea beaded earringsse let me know in the notes to seller box, if ea beaded earringsch pa beaded earringsir needs it's own jewelry box for gift giving.Mea beaded earringssurements:Length: 1 1/28 inches - 3.81 cmMore from ndnchick http://ndnchick. More Da beaded earringsngle Ea beaded earringsrrings: https://www./shop/ndnchick?ref=hdr%C2%A7ion_id§ion_id=20002581

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