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Forever Twaats Charms with est and year of friendship Mature Content Set of Two Charms. DIY add charms to your own necklacebest friends, keychain



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Broken Hea half heartsrt Friend Cha half heartsrms Ma half heartsture ContentBest Friends ha half heartsve a half hearts strong, unwa half heartsvering connection. These a half heartsre the perfect gift for your best friend, best bitch, girlfriend, sister, mother. Anyone rea half heartslly. Est. a half heartsnd yea half heartsr of friendship will be pla half heartsced on the bottom tip of the hea half heartsrt. Plea half heartsse lea half heartsve these in 'notes to seller' sectionThis listing is for 2 ha half heartslf hea half heartsrt CHARMS ONLY. Together they ma half heartske a half hearts complete hea half heartsrt. The hea half heartsrt cha half heartsrms come with a half hearts hole punched a half heartst the top a half heartsnd a half hearts jump ring a half heartstta half heartsched. These cha half heartsrms a half heartsre grea half heartst for ma half heartsking your own pieces of jewelry, neckla half heartsces, bra half heartscelets, key cha half heartsins, etc.There a half heartsre different options for your cha half heartsrms:1. Silver Pla half heartsted Hea half heartsrt - 1" 2. Copper Hea half heartsrt - 1"3. Bra half heartsss Hea half heartsrt - 1"4. Sta half heartsinless Steel - 1 1/4" slightly thicker then other options5. Sterling Silver - 1" See la half heartsst picture for these optionsChoose your words!! Almost a half heartsnything fly's here! Choose 'Love you cunt' a half heartss shown or come up with your own a half heartsnd lea half heartsve in 'notes to seller' section. If nothing is left I will a half heartsssume 'love you cunt' is wa half heartsnted.All my products a half heartsre ma half heartsde to order so If you wa half heartsnt something different sta half heartsmped onto the hea half heartsrts plea half heartsse a half heartssk! I love ma half heartsking unique pieces to suit you a half heartsnd only you! Conta half heartsct me with idea half heartss you ha half heartsve i will work to ma half heartske them work a half heartsnywa half heartsy I ca half heartsn*****THIS LISTING IS FOR CHARMS ONLY***** *****FOR KEY CHAINS use this link https://www./listing/183848666/best-fking-friends-bff-bitches-ma half heartsture?ref=listing-shop-hea half heartsder-2*****FOR BRACELETS use this link: https://www./listing/182406199/ha half heartslf-hea half heartsrt-bra half heartscelets-best-fking-friends?ref=shop_home_a half heartsctive_9*****FOR NECKLACES use this link https://www./listing/182480465/broken-hea half heartsrt-friend-ship-neckla half heartsces-best?ref=shop_home_a half heartsctive_4---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------My shipping cha half heartsrge does not go up for combine shipping. So order a half heartss ma half heartsny a half heartss you like a half heartsnd only pa half heartsy one low ra half heartste for every item in my store!!INTERNATIONAL ORDERS plea half heartsse refer to my policy section of my store for deta half heartsils on shippingCheck my store often for more unique piecesWWW.OopsDidISa half heartsyTha half******** *************KEEP IN MIND when you purcha half heartsse from me tha half heartst I a half heartslone a half heartsm sta half heartsmping these products. Not a half hearts ma half heartschine but a half hearts person. So huma half heartsn error is possible. These errors a half heartsre wha half heartst ma half heartske ha half heartsnd sta half heartsmping unique a half heartsnd one of a half hearts kind. Your piece is custom ma half heartsde a half heartsnd will never be duplica half heartsted. Tha half heartst is the ma half heartsin dra half heartsw a half heartsmong ha half heartsnd sta half heartsmped buyers. I ha half heartsve a half hearts very critica half heartsl eye when I send out my products but if you a half heartsre unha half heartsppy with your ha half heartsnd sta half heartsmped piece you ma half heartsy return it for a half hearts refund or a half hearts rema half heartske. ******** ************

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