Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

necklace, blue dichroic and druzy agate slice Pin Brooch in Sterling Married Metals by Cathleen McLain McLainJewelry



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Blue Druzy Aga sterlingte a sterlingnd ha sterlingndma sterlingde dichroic Pin ( Brooch ) in Sterling Silver a sterlingnd Ma sterlingrried Meta sterlingls by Ca sterlingthleen McLa sterlingin McLa sterlinginJewelry The ca sterlingbochon is set in a sterling sterling silver bezel if you wa sterlingnt to wea sterlingr it on your own cha sterlingin, I sell sterling a sterlingda sterlingpters (convo me to a sterlingdd it to your listing before you check out + $6.)The highly textured surfa sterlingce is a sterlingccented with a sterling pa sterlingtina sterling finish in colors ra sterlingnging from a sterlingntique silver to bronze a sterlingnd the pin is la sterlingcquered for perma sterlingnence. All pins a sterlingre signed by the a sterlingrtist a sterlingnd come with their own signa sterlingture gift box.

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