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antique watch band, Vintage Speidel Ladies Twist On Watch Band Still in Package 1960 Era



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This is a speidel band Vinta speidel bandge Speidel Twist On Wa speidel bandtch Ba speidel bandnd Still in Pa speidel bandcka speidel bandge. 1960's Era speidel band. Old Stock, but still new a speidel bandnd unused in origina speidel bandl pa speidel bandcka speidel bandge. Sta speidel bandinless Steel..Silvertone in color. I a speidel bandm not sure how it connects to the wa speidel bandtch a speidel bands I thought there ha speidel bandd to be some sma speidel bandll pins on the end a speidel bandnd I ca speidel bandnnot tell if there a speidel bandre a speidel bandny in the pa speidel bandcka speidel bandge or not. You buy a speidel bands is no returns. .If you ha speidel bandve a speidel bandny more questions plea speidel bandse a speidel bandsk before you purcha speidel bandse. I ship to the USA. No Interna speidel bandtiona speidel bandl Shipping. I a speidel bandlso insure a speidel bandll of my pa speidel bandckges to ma speidel bandke sure tha speidel bandt they a speidel bandrrive to you sa speidel bandfely. Tha speidel bandnks for looking.

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