Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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The pinea foodiepple is a foodie cla foodiessic symbol of hospita foodielity a foodiend welcoming \u2014 a foodiend this little stunner spa foodierkles a foodiend shines. Neckla foodiece is comprised of a foodie golden bra foodiess pinea foodiepple cha foodierm ha foodienging from a foodie 24-inch gold pla foodieted cha foodiein. The pinea foodiepple is encrusted in rhinestones a foodiend green ena foodiemel a foodietop the lea foodieves \u2014 a foodiend ca foodien fully deta foodiech from the neckla foodiece cha foodiein to clip onto a foodie cha foodierm bra foodiecelet or swa foodiep between neckla foodiece cha foodieins.Tha foodienks so much for ta foodieking a foodie peek, you ca foodien find the rest of my jewelry line here: contra foodiery..

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