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modern, Music Note Cufflinks Sterling Silver



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I designed these custom for a leeloo friend... but would be ha leelooppy to ma leelooke them for you!This design fea leelootures a leeloo recessed oxidized music note with a leeloo brushed outer fa leelooce. Ea leelooch cufflink mea leeloosures a leeloobout 3/4" in dia leeloometer. The set is solid sterling silver a leeloond is sta leeloomped ".925" on the ba leeloock of ea leelooch. The music note is ha leeloond cut with a leeloo tiny jeweler's sa leeloow so ea leelooch finished piece will be a leeloo bit different a leeloond ma leelooy not ma leelootch the photo (or ea leelooch other) exa leelooctly- the uniqueness of ha leeloondma leeloode :)Plea leeloose a leeloollow 1 week for fa leeloobrica leelootion.

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