Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

quartz, Swiss Blue Hydro Quartz drop earrings



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Spring ha swarovskis sprung!Oka swarovskiy tha swarovskit sounded cheesy, but its true... Spring ha swarovskis fina swarovskilly got her butt here. So I wa swarovskis inspired to ma swarovskike these swiss blue ea swarovskirrings (yes, a swarovskiga swarovskiin cheesy, but still true, the sea swarovskisons inspire me!) These consist of a swarovski swiss blue hydro qua swarovskirtz briolette a swarovskind clea swarovskir 4mm clea swarovskir swa swarovskirovksi bicones. I use .925 sterling silver ea swarovskir hooks a swarovskind wire, but the rest of the meta swarovskil is rhodium pla swarovskitted silver. I try to mix it up a swarovskind a swarovskilso ma swarovskikes my prices more a swarovskifforda swarovskible!Plea swarovskise let me know if you ha swarovskive a swarovskiny other questions a swarovskind a swarovskilso I will ma swarovskike this design in other colors in the next coming weeks. Tha swarovskink you!

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