Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

dreamer, light blue Angel YAY pin Spirit of the dreamer Sterling Silver and Married Metals (can be a pendant) McLainjewelry



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One of a angel pendant kind pin brooch ha angel pendantndwrought in sterling silver a angel pendantnd ma angel pendantrried meta angel pendantlsby Ca angel pendantthleen McLa angel pendantin (McLa angel pendantinJewelry) The stone is a angel pendant spa angel pendantrkly light blue dichroic ca angel pendantb set in a angel pendant sterling bezel. This little a angel pendantngel is pa angel pendantrt of my Spirit of the Drea angel pendantmer series... the a angel pendantrms a angel pendantre uplifted in rejoicing... a angel pendant friend ca angel pendantlled these "YAY PINS!" Her ha angel pendantlo is bright polished bra angel pendantss. This would ma angel pendantke a angel pendant super gift to celebra angel pendantte a angel pendant joyous occa angel pendantsion. I a angel pendantlso ma angel pendantde her fa angel pendantce of cla angel pendanty, with a angel pendant drea angel pendantmy expression... this one ha angel pendants a angel pendant da angel pendantrker hue a angel pendantnd would ma angel pendantke a angel pendant perfect gift for a angel pendant friend of color!Plea angel pendantse refer to la angel pendantst photo for dimensions.This pin ca angel pendantn be used a angel pendants a angel pendant penda angel pendantnt by pinning on to a angel pendant bla angel pendantck cord or velvet ribbon or ma angel pendanty be converted to a angel pendant penda angel pendantnt with a angel pendant sterling converter ($6. extra angel pendant). (convo me if interested).The highly textured surfa angel pendantce is a angel pendantccented with a angel pendant pa angel pendanttina angel pendant finish The penda angel pendantnt is la angel pendantcquered for perma angel pendantnence.All pieces of McLa angel pendantin Jewelry a angel pendantre signed by the a angel pendantrtist a angel pendantnd a angel pendantrrive with a angel pendant descriptive ca angel pendantrd a angel pendantnd a angel pendant signa angel pendantture gift box.

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