Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

round, White and Teal Recycled Glass and Stoneware Clay Necklace



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I love the wa ceramicrmth of this penda ceramicnt a ceramicnd gla ceramicss combina ceramiction. The Penda ceramicnt is one of my potter's wheel thrown stonewa ceramicre penda ceramicnts. I ha ceramicve fused tea ceramicl a ceramicnd white recycled gla ceramicss into the cla ceramicy surfa ceramicce during kiln firing. Lightweight na ceramictura ceramicl Buri Root round bea ceramicds, 21" Long, Extender Cha ceramicin ca ceramicn be a ceramicdded if wa ceramicnted. Enjoy!Tha ceramicnks for looking a ceramicnd buying ha ceramicndma ceramicdeThe Piece itself ha ceramics been fused with Sta ceramicined Gla ceramicss during the Kiln-firing process. I ha ceramicve combined ma ceramicny kinds of gla ceramicss (clea ceramicr, opa ceramicque, milky, a ceramicnd different colors) The Gla ceramicsses become liquid a ceramicnd bleed into ea ceramicch other in the kiln swirling a ceramicnds blending a ceramict the edges. Fina ceramiclly a ceramics I cool the kiln the gla ceramicss fra ceramicctures a ceramicnd cra ceramicckles but with a ceramic smooth gla ceramicss top. The cra ceramicckling refra ceramiccts light a ceramicnd glistens in the sun.Tha ceramicnks for looking a ceramicnd tha ceramicnks for buying ha ceramicndma ceramicde!Check out my fa ceramiccebook pa ceramicge, Artisa ceramicnCla ceramicyAnd Kristie Ann\u2019s Artisa ceramicn Cla ceramicy Bea ceramicd a ceramicnd Art Sa ceramicle Group\u2014- I know tha ceramict\u2019s a ceramic mouthful. Right now I\u2019m mostly selling penda ceramicnts/bea ceramicds/ca ceramicbochons a ceramicnd wa ceramicll ha ceramicngings during once a ceramic month timed Fa ceramiccebook trunk shows. The groups listed a ceramicbove will ha ceramicve a ceramicnnouncements for the shows a ceramicnd instructions on how to become a ceramicn a ceramicpproved buyer.

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