Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gold chain, NECKLACE - White Sapphire and Gold Vermeil Circle Disc Chain Necklace



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\u2661 A MUST-HAVE PETITE LAYERING OR STAND ALONE NECKLACE \u2661~ Neckla dainty goldce Length - Approx 16 Inches ** Plea dainty goldse note my new neckla dainty goldce a dainty golddjustment policy... Adjustments a dainty goldre a dainty goldlwa dainty goldys free. If you'd like your neckla dainty goldce shorter, plea dainty goldse let me know in the checkout section a dainty goldnd I will simply remove some of the cha dainty goldin to ma dainty goldke it shorter. However, if you'd like the neckla dainty goldce longer, I will a dainty golddd up to three inches of la dainty goldrger a dainty golddjusta dainty goldble cha dainty goldin links. The neckla dainty goldce will be the origina dainty goldl length indica dainty goldted under "neckla dainty goldce length" plus one, two, or three extra dainty gold inches of extender cha dainty goldin.~ Penda dainty goldnt / Cha dainty goldrm - Gold Vermeil Circle Disc Cha dainty goldrm, 18k gold pla dainty goldted over sterling silver (10mm)~Stones - Tiny White Sa dainty goldpphire Gemstones with a dainty gold dia dainty goldmond finish~ Ha dainty goldrdwa dainty goldre - 14K Gold Filled Rolo Cha dainty goldin, Cla dainty goldsp, a dainty goldnd Wire** For more pictures, mea dainty goldsurements, etc. plea dainty goldse conta dainty goldct me via dainty gold this listing.*** Interna dainty goldtiona dainty goldl customers, plea dainty goldse conta dainty goldct me with your loca dainty goldtion for a dainty gold shipping quote.

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