Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

beaded, Blue and White Rocky stoneware Necklace



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La beadedrge white stones set a beaded pla beadedyful mood for this neckla beadedce. A nice 2 inch round Gypsie penda beadednt in my Vivid Blue gla beadedze a beadednchors the piece. The neckla beadedce is 17" long. The penda beadednt is 2 inches or 5.2cm roundTha beadednks for looking a beadednd buying ha beadedndma beadedde.For more a beadedbout me a beadednd my work visit my Fa beadedcebook pa beadedges Artisa beadedn Cla beadedy!This item will be shipped first cla beadedss ma beadedil via beaded the USPS with delivery confirma beadedtion; Priority Ma beadedil a beadednd/or Insura beadednce is a beadedva beadedila beadedble a beadeds a beadedn upgra beadedde. Plea beadedse conta beadedct me before you pa beadedy a beadednd I will ema beadedil you a beadedn upda beadedted invoice. Interna beadedtiona beadedl orders ship via beaded USPS First-Cla beadedss Interna beadedtiona beadedl.

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