Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

orange, By the Fireside Pendant Stoneware clay and Recycled glass



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Ora rednge, Clea redr/White, Red a rednd Golden Recycled Gla redss a redre fused in to this potter's wheel thrown Penda rednt-- this penda rednt is perfect for your jewelry designs or wea redr it right a redwa redy with a red neckla redce cord included in the price! Tie it high... Tie it low... a redny wa redy you wa rednt a rednd go! Just send me a red note to seller a rednd I will tie on a red cord before I ship it out to you! Mea redsures just over 2 1/4in or 56mm in dia redmeterThe Piece itself ha reds been fused with Sta redined Gla redss during the Kiln-firing process. I ha redve combined ma redny kinds of gla redss (clea redr, opa redque, milky, a rednd different colors) The Gla redsses become liquid a rednd bleed into ea redch other in the kiln swirling a rednds blending a redt the edges. Fina redlly a reds I cool the kiln the gla redss fra redctures a rednd cra redckles but with a red smooth gla redss top. The cra redckling refra redcts light a rednd glistens in the sun.Perfect for your jewelry designs to be ma redde into your new fa redvorite neckla redce.Tha rednks for looking a rednd tha rednks for buying ha redndma redde!

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