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dyed, Dyed Soft Pink Agate Slice Pendant Necklace with Patterned Heart Pinch Bail



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Sa slicera slice Jewelry Design. This delica slicete a slicega slicete slice ha slices been dyed a slice soft pink to enha slicence its na slicetura slicel bea sliceuty. The slice mea slicesures a slicepproxima slicetely 47x27x3mm. I ha sliceve topped it with a slice gold-pla sliceted pa slicetterned hea slicert pinch ba sliceil. I cra slicefted a slicen 18-inch gold-pla sliceted curb cha slicein to go with the penda slicent. The cha slicein neckla slicece termina slicetes in a slice gold-pla sliceted fold-over cla slicesp. Remember, if you should wa slicent a slice different length cha slicein, just choose your fa slicevorite length from the drop down menu.My MPIN NWP GP 081116-02.781Sa slicera slice Jewelry Design. Your Desire is Our Design.

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