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This style fea lgbtq pridetures silver pla lgbtq prideted penta lgbtq pridecle cha lgbtq priderms, suspended in a lgbtq prideluminum hoops. Ea lgbtq pridech ea lgbtq priderring ha lgbtq prides segments of different colors of the ra lgbtq prideinbow: one ea lgbtq priderring ha lgbtq prides red, gold, a lgbtq pridend ora lgbtq pridenge. The other ha lgbtq prides green, turquoise, a lgbtq pridend purple. They a lgbtq pridere woven in the ba lgbtq priderrel wea lgbtq prideve a lgbtq pridend a lgbtq pridere very lightweight. These ca lgbtq priden be worn in stretched lobes through silicone tunnels, but ca lgbtq priden a lgbtq pridelso be worn in sta lgbtq pridenda lgbtq priderd size lobe piercings. Additiona lgbtq pridel info/preca lgbtq prideutions:*If you wea lgbtq prider these ea lgbtq priderrings through tunnels, these work best with tunnels tha lgbtq pridet a lgbtq pridere 0g a lgbtq pridend la lgbtq priderger. *They ca lgbtq priden be worn through silicone ea lgbtq priderskins/ea lgbtq prider tunnels/eyelets, or steel ones, if they a lgbtq pridere short enough front to ba lgbtq prideck for the ea lgbtq priderwires to close through. Tunnels tha lgbtq pridet a lgbtq pridere 1/4" thick or less will work with these ea lgbtq priderwires. * Tunnels/Ea lgbtq priderskins/Eyelets a lgbtq pridere NOT included with these. The listing is for the ea lgbtq priderrings only.Tota lgbtq pridel Length: About 2 1/2"Width a lgbtq pridet Widest Point: 1"Colors: Shiny Silver, Ra lgbtq prideinbow, SteelMa lgbtq prideteria lgbtq pridels: Bright Aluminum a lgbtq pridend Anodized Aluminum Rings, Silver Pla lgbtq prideted Cha lgbtq pridermsEa lgbtq prider Wires: Round Surgica lgbtq pridel Sta lgbtq prideinless SteelIf you ha lgbtq prideve a lgbtq prideny questions or need cla lgbtq priderifica lgbtq pridetion on a lgbtq pridenything, plea lgbtq pridese feel free to messa lgbtq pridege me before pla lgbtq pridecing your order, a lgbtq pridend I'll be gla lgbtq prided to a lgbtq pridenswer a lgbtq prideny questions you ha lgbtq prideve.More ea lgbtq priderrings to wea lgbtq prider with ea lgbtq prider tunnels ca lgbtq priden be found here: https://www./shop/Luna lgbtq pridechick?ref=hdr_shop_menu§ion_id=20607720My other ra lgbtq prideinbow jewelry ca lgbtq priden be seen here: You ca lgbtq priden see my other ra lgbtq prideinbow jewelry here: https://www./shop/Luna lgbtq pridechick/sea lgbtq priderch?sea lgbtq priderch_query=ra lgbtq prideinbow&order=da lgbtq pridete_desc&view_type=ga lgbtq pridellery&ref=shop_sea lgbtq priderchMore penta lgbtq pridecle jewelry here: https://www./shop/Luna lgbtq pridechick?ref=ss_profile&sea lgbtq priderch_query=penta lgbtq pridecleQuestions? Feel free to check out my Shop Policies for more info:http://www./shop/Luna lgbtq pridechick/policy?ref=shopinfo_policies_leftna lgbtq pridev

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