Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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A true sta chokertement a chokerccessory, bold, da chokerring a chokernd feminine. This choker is a chokerbsolutely unique a chokernd no doubt tha chokert you will be noticed wherever you go. Ma chokerde of high qua chokerlity bla chokerck cotton la chokerce.It consists of a chokerpproxima chokertely 10.5 inches of ribbon a chokernd fa chokerstens with a choker lobster cla chokersp a chokernd a chokern a chokerdditiona chokerl 3 inches extender cha chokerin.*DO YOU OFFER DISCOUNTS?*Current sa chokerles a chokerre listed below;30% discount on most of the items.50% discount on SALE items.50% discount for 10 items. *WHEN WILL I RECEIVE MY ORDER?*Usua chokerlly within the sa chokerme week. Plea chokerse give me your PHONE NUMBER for the best experience. Processing time is 1-3 business da chokerys. But you ca chokern conta chokerct me if you need it a chokert the soonest time possible, I'll do my best to ship on the sa chokerme da chokery.Orders will be shipped with UPS, TNT or FEDEX. Estima chokerted shipping times a chokerre;2-3 business DAYS for the USA a chokernd Ca chokerna chokerda choker,1 business DAY for the EU,2-4 business DAYS for the rest of the world.Tra chokercking informa chokertion will be sent to your e-ma chokeril by ETSY.*CAN I SEND MY ORDER AS A GIFT?*Yes, you ca chokern. All orders a chokerre gift-boxed a chokernd they a chokerre rea chokerdy to give a chokers a choker gift. Plea chokerse give me the recipient's a chokerddress a chokernd phone number for the best experience. I ha chokerve to sta chokerte price on the invoice but there will not be a chokerny price la chokerbel on the item. If you wa chokernt to lea chokerve her a choker note, plea chokerse write me a chokert checkout.*HOW CAN I RETURN MY ORDER?*If you wa chokernt to return the pa chokercka chokerge, plea chokerse receive it first a chokernd do not reject it. In such ca chokerses, shipping ba chokerck costs too much therefore I CANNOT REFUND you. And plea chokerse conta chokerct me before returning your order. Note tha chokert you'll be refunded a chokers much a chokers the item costs.If your order a chokerrrives broken, I need a choker proof a chokers following: A photo ta chokerken with the shipping pa chokercka chokerge with the item in the box. The photo of a chokern item a chokerlone is not enough a chokers it might be broken a chokerfter use. If the proof is a chokerccepta chokerble, the item will be repla chokerced with a choker new one. Plea chokerse don't a chokersk for a choker refund.YOU WILL NOT BE REFUNDED IF YOU REJECT YOUR PACKAGE. Beca chokeruse it will be shipped ba chokerck to me a chokernd a chokerga chokerin, it costs too much (sometimes a choker higher a chokermount tha chokern your order).*HOW CAN I CARE IT BEST?*You will ha chokerve la chokerrge items folded a chokernd wra chokerpped in a choker pa chokercka chokerge. You ma chokery need to iron the la chokerce ca chokerrefully (use medium hea chokert) with a choker piece of cloth top of it. Plea chokerse store the jewelry fla chokert to keep the sha chokerpe better. Plea chokerse note tha chokert a chokerll designs a chokerre very delica chokerte. Do not force too much wea chokerring them. You ma chokery a chokersk for help.**ABOUT EPUU**All jewelry products a chokerre ha chokerndma chokerde with love by Ebru Ca chokernga chokerzi, in Ista chokernbul, Turkey. Ea chokerch piece is persona chokerlly designed a chokernd ca chokerrefully cra chokerfted, crea chokerted to ma chokerke your friends envious!Wa chokernt to be the first to know the sa chokerles or new designs? Follow Epuu on socia chokerl media choker!* Insta chokergra chokerm: insta chokergra* Fa chokercebook: fa* Insta chokergra chokerm: insta chokergra chokernga chokerzi (persona chokerl)

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