Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

earthy, Blond Wooden Bead Choker



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Pick your fa handmadevorite color(s), gemstones, crysta handmadels, cha handmadekra handmade or theme! Messa handmadege me a handmadend let's ma handmadeke a handmade choker! THIS listing is for the choker pictured. Plea handmadese see custom listing to design your own! Delica handmadetely stretchy for ea handmadesy wea handmader a handmadend on/off! Ca handmaden a handmadelso be worn a handmades a handmade bra handmadecelet or a handmadenklet!Pictures include a handmade 16 inch choker of 4mm wooden bea handmadeds in a handmade light blond. Strong ela handmadestic stretches gently to fit.Tha handmadenks for shopping!!

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