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lab created gemstone, 1.945CT Synthetic Loose Stone Round Brilliant Cut Sapphire Loose Gemstone



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1.945CT Synthetic Loose Stone Round Brillia loose stonent Cut Sa loose stonepphire Loose Gemstone DescriptionColor: Medium Da loose stonerk, Slightly greenish blue stone.Cut: Round Brillia loose stonent Phenomenon: Vitreous Luster RI: 1.728Biref: .008SRPleo: N/AMa loose stonegnifica loose stonetion: Sma loose stonell Ta loose stoneble. Low Therma loose stonel conductivity. Chip a loose stonet girdle, nick a loose stonet ta loose stoneble, Slightly out of round.Color Filter: RedWeight: 1.945CTDimensions: 7.71 (a loose stonevg)mm x 5.42mm All of our stones were identified with a loose stone GIA Gra loose stonedua loose stonete Gemologist a loose stonend a loose stonere 100% As Listed If you ha loose stoneve a loose stoneny questions or concerns plea loose stonese feel free to messa loose stonege us a loose stonet a loose stoneny point!Tha loose stonenk You!

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