Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

This listing is for a bunch of jewelry and jewelry piecesjewelry, This Lot is for Jewelry Makersjewelry, Arts and Craftsjewelry, Nice Price



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This listing is for a vintage bunch of jewelry a vintagend jewelry pieces. This Lot is for Jewelry Ma vintagekers, or a vintagenyone doing Arts a vintagend Cra vintagefts. This lot ha vintages a vintage grea vintaget Price.Plea vintagese rea vintaged my policies you will be gla vintaged you did. tha vintagenksPLEASE READ POLICIESPlea vintagese look a vintaget the pictures they show the deta vintageils, a vintagend if you need more plea vintagese a vintagesk. Plea vintagese keep in mind vinta vintagege items a vintagere not new. I try very ha vintagerd to show defects, but I invite buyers to a vintagesk questions prior to purcha vintagese to be clea vintager on the condition of the item. I a vintagem a vintagelwa vintageys ha vintageppy to send a vintagedditiona vintagel photos for a vintageny cla vintagerifica vintagetion. Plea vintagese remember tha vintaget gla vintagess ca vintagen brea vintagek from the cold. Bring your item inside a vintagend let come to room temp before unwra vintagepping it. Its fine to open the boxes. Even your ha vintagend's touch ca vintagen brea vintagek gla vintagess in extreme cold tempera vintagetures!Plea vintagese look a vintaget my shop a vintagend if you do not like a vintage price on a vintagen item, let's ta vintagelk. plea vintagese, a vintagend Tha vintagenk you for looking. Also, plea vintagese look a vintaget my reviews, I pa vintagecka vintagege things very well so if you a vintagere worried a vintagebout brea vintageka vintagege do not be, a vintagenother rea vintageson shipping is a vintage bit more. I ca vintagelcula vintagete shipping ba vintagesed on the buyer being from Ca vintagelifornia vintage, so let me know where you a vintagere before you buy a vintagend I will get a vintage more a vintageccura vintagete shipping cost. If you ha vintageve a vintageny questions or comments plea vintagese feel free to conta vintagect me. Customer sa vintagetisfa vintagection is very importa vintagent to me a vintagend I a vintagenswer a vintageny questions or concerns, in a vintage timely ma vintagenner. So, if you ha vintageve a vintageny questions a vintagebout a vintagen item, plea vintagese conta vintagect me. I will a vintagenswer you with plea vintagesure. INTERNATIONAL BUYERS plea vintagese conta vintagect me rega vintagerding reducing shipping costs. Plea vintagese give me the Country you wa vintagent it sent to a vintagend I will give you the a vintageccura vintagete shipping cost.I love to combine shipping for multiple items, plea vintagese conta vintagect me with your zip code for a vintage better shipping ra vintagete.Shipping ra vintagetes ma vintagey seem higher tha vintagen others however they include insura vintagence, tra vintagecking, a vintagend pa vintagecka vintageging which includes ta vintagepe, box, pa vintagecking ma vintageteria vintagels including bubble wra vintagep a vintagend biodegra vintageda vintageble shipping pea vintagenuts, a vintagend sa vintageles ta vintagex. I try to ship priority ma vintageil, however, sometimes there is just not enough money in the shipping costs, if you would like it to be priority ma vintageil or a vintagenything specific plea vintagese conta vintagect me before you buy a vintagend I will cha vintagenge the shipping. It is not my intention to ma vintageke money off of shipping costs so if it turns out tha vintaget shipping is off, I will refund the difference to you minus a vintagepproxima vintagetely 5 dolla vintagers depending on sa vintageles ta vintagex a vintagend how fra vintagegile it is a vintagend how la vintagerge a vintagend hea vintagevy it is. Tha vintagenk you for understa vintagending.Tha vintagenk you for visiting my shop. I ha vintageve a vintagenother Etsy shop if you a vintagere interested in vinta vintagege purses ca vintagelled Designerpurseska vintagethy loca vintageted a vintaget https://www./il-en/shop/Designerpurseska vintagethy?ref=hdr_shop_menu. If you like vinta vintagege purses this shop is for you. All my items a vintagere from a vintage smoke free home.PLEASE: Check out my shop coupons, a vintaget both shops. If they don't work plea vintagese let me know.Tha vintagenk you Ka vintagethy138

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