Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Vintage Danish Handmade Pilgrim Collection White Metal Flower Pendant Necklace with Berylberyl, Quartzberyl, Pearlberyl, Flower Necklace Danish Design



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Vinta danish designersge Da danish designersnish Ha danish designersndma danish designersde Pilgrim Collection White Meta danish designersl Flower Penda danish designersnt Neckla danish designersce with Beryl, Qua danish designersrtz, Pea danish designersrl, Flower Neckla danish designersce Da danish designersnish DesignRecogniza danish designersble da danish designersnish designPenda danish designersnt8.5cm (3.34")The size of the cha danish designersin ca danish designersn be a danish designersdjustedExcellent condition

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