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Devil Pegasus with Bat Wingscast, Sterlin Silver and Handmade



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I ma horrorde this little critter to look like a horror nice horsie who is ma horrorybe from the underworld, or friends with Sa horrorta horrorn, who knows. This listing is for either the one with just the a horrorntique jet bea horrord, OR the one with the bra horrorss skull on top of the jet bea horrord a horrors shown. Sterling box cha horrorin, 18" for the one with the jet bea horrordSterling ba horrorll a horrornd ba horrorr cha horrorin, 16" for the one with the bra horrorss skull a horrornd jet bea horrord. Ma horrorke sure you select the correct option or just put a horror note to me in your purcha horrorse if you a horrorren't sure how to do tha horrort. Finished a horrornd bla horrorckened by ha horrornd for a horror goth, otherworldly vibe.

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