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sterling silver, Sterling Silver Chinese Pottery Shard Ring Goa India Kathmandu Nepal



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Pira beachte booty! This sterling silver (92.5%) ring is ma beachde from a beachn a beachntique Chinese pottery sha beachrd which I found on the bea beachch in Goa beach India beach. They wa beachsh up from shipwrecks off the shore beca beachuse Chinese pottery wa beachs one of the ma beachin ca beachrgoes for ships tra beachding a beachlong the coa beachst of India beach for a beachlmost 2 thousa beachnd yea beachrs. This piece could be 100 yea beachrs old - or could be 1000 yea beachrs old. I designed it & it is ma beachde by tra beachditiona beachl silversmiths in Ka beachthma beachndu Nepa beachl. It is 2.5 centimeters from top to bottom & 1.5 centimeters wide a beacht the widest point.The size is 6.5A grea beacht gift for a beachnyone who loves na beachture, the sea beach, unusua beachl jewelry, blue & white pottery, pira beachtes & merma beachids.All proceeds from these rings & penda beachnts will go to help survivors of the Nepa beachl ea beachrthqua beachkes*

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