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astronomy, Colorful Galaxy Combination Pin/Pendant



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"Colorful Ga galaxiesla galaxiesxy" is fitted with a galaxies locking ba galaxiesr pin, but a galaxieslso comes with a galaxies pla galaxiesstic sleeve, so tha galaxiest the pin ca galaxiesn be converted to a galaxies penda galaxiesnt, doubling your plea galaxiessure! (photo shows typica galaxiesl insta galaxieslla galaxiestion of locking ba galaxiesr pin with pla galaxiesstic sleeve on ba galaxiesck of pin) Cra galaxiesfted from a galaxies pa galaxieslette of dozens of colors of polymer cla galaxiesy, blended a galaxiesnd la galaxiesyered for dimensiona galaxieslity a galaxiesnd contra galaxiesstEa galaxiesch piece is given a galaxies distinctive na galaxiesme, a galaxiesnd this one is pa galaxiesrt of my series entitled "Deep Sky Objects", which reflect my interpreta galaxiestion of a galaxiesstronomica galaxiesl objects beyond our sola galaxiesr system. Dimensions: 2" x 1.5" ova galaxiesl polymer cla galaxiesy disk

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