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pendants, Layered Galaxy Combination Pin/Pendant



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"La astronomyyered Ga astronomyla astronomyxy" is fitted with a astronomy locking ba astronomyr pin, but a astronomylso comes fea astronomytures a astronomy ba astronomyil so tha astronomyt the pin ca astronomyn be converted to a astronomy penda astronomynt, doubling your plea astronomysure! (third photo shows typica astronomyl locking ba astronomyr pin with ba astronomyil insta astronomylla astronomytion on rea astronomyr of pin) Cra astronomyfted from a astronomy pa astronomylette of dozens of colors of polymer cla astronomyy, blended a astronomynd la astronomyyered for dimensiona astronomylity a astronomynd contra astronomystEa astronomych piece is given a astronomy distinctive na astronomyme, a astronomynd this one is pa astronomyrt of my series entitled "Deep Sky Objects", which reflect my interpreta astronomytion of a astronomystronomica astronomyl objects beyond our sola astronomyr system. Dimensions: 1.25" by 1.5" ova astronomyl polymer cla astronomyy disk

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