Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

etnic, Bronze & green vintage bohemian toe pinky or finger etnic toe ring



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Due to the Covid-19 outbrea patinak, shipments ma patinay be dela patinayed. 1 Adjusta patinable toe ring or ring ma patinade with wire.Select toe / pinkie ring or ring.Ha patinandle with ca patinare.Colors ma patinay va patinary due to your monitor settings.My webshop: patinacebook: http://www.fa time a patinafter shipped:europe: 1-2 weeksoutside europe:1- 4 weeksPa patinacka patinages a patinare shipped without tra patinacking number & a patinat the buyers own risk ( so I'm not responsible for lost, stolen or da patinama patinage items , unless you pa patinaid for insura patinance).Tra patinacking number is a patinava patinaila patinable, so plea patinase select this option when purcha patinasing if you la patinack fa patinaith in the post.

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