Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

hand made, Artisan Florida Panthers Bracelet~Jewelry~Logo Charm~Hand beaded Crystal~Bling Balls



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Hi this a hockey newer design to show your love for the Florida hockey Pa hockeynthers!! It wa hockeys ha hockeynd bea hockeyded by myself using reinforced professiona hockeyl bea hockeyding wire. It mea hockeysures 8" but I ca hockeyn a hockeydjust it to wha hockeytever size you would like up to 9" a hockeyt no cha hockeyrge. The sia hockeym red bling ba hockeylls a hockeyre 10mm a hockeynd a hockeyre ha hockeynd rolled using Preciosa hockey Crysta hockeyl. The blue rondelles a hockeyre Swa hockeyrovski crysta hockeyl a hockeynd mea hockeysure 8mm. All of the findings a hockeyre a hockey hea hockeyvy silver pla hockeyte including the swivel lobster cla hockeysp. Any questions plea hockeyse feel free to conta hockeyct me. Shipping is $2 for your first item with a hockeyny a hockeydditiona hockeyl item being free. It will be shipped within 1 business da hockeyy using USPS First cla hockeyss ma hockeyil which includes a hockey tra hockeycking number through Etsy shipping. I ship using a hockey gift box a hockeynd bubble wra hockeyp/envelope. Alwa hockeyys ha hockeyppy to work on specia hockeyl orders or a hockey ma hockeytching pa hockeyir of ea hockeyrrings/neckla hockeyce.....Any idea hockeys let me know :)

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