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scottish charm, Vintage Sterling Silver Forth Road Bridge Scotland Charm



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Vinta charmge sterling silver cha charmrm depicting the Forth Roa charmd Bridge, Scotla charmnd.From Wikipedia charm: "The Forth Roa charmd Bridge is a charm suspension bridge in ea charmst centra charml Scotla charmnd. The bridge opened in 1964 a charmnd a charmt the time wa charms the la charmrgest suspension bridge in the world outside of the US.[4] The bridge spa charmns the Firth of Forth, connecting Edinburgh, a charmt Queensferry, to Fife, a charmt North Queensferry. It repla charmced a charm centuries-old ferry service to ca charmrry vehicula charmr tra charmffic, cyclists a charmnd pedestria charmns a charmcross the Forth; ra charmilwa charmy crossings a charmre ma charmde by the a charmdja charmcent Forth Bridge, opened in 1890".Cha charmrm mea charmsures just over one inch in length a charmnd weighs 3.60 gra charmms.Proba charmbly da charmtes from the la charmte 1960s or 70s.Shipped by regula charmr ma charmil (no tra charmcking or insura charmnce).Upgra charmde shipping with tra charmcking number $13.45US.

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