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Ea cartoon earringsrrings:Title: Snoopy ea cartoon earringsrringsMa cartoon earringsteria cartoon earringsl: meta cartoon earringsl - nickel freeColour: GoldSnoopy-Figure mea cartoon earringssure a cartoon earringspprox: 14 mm x 23 mmmea cartoon earringssure a cartoon earringsprox.: 41 mm longThe ea cartoon earringsrring comes pa cartoon earringscked in a cartoon earringsn orga cartoon earringsnza cartoon earrings pouch a cartoon earringsnd jewelry box.All our jewelry come gift wra cartoon earringsppedWe a cartoon earringsre shipping a cartoon earringsll jewelry sa cartoon earringsfely pa cartoon earringscked in bubble ma cartoon earringsilers on first priority shipping.For this item the shipping includes tra cartoon earringsckingPlea cartoon earringsse check my shop policies for more deta cartoon earringsils rega cartoon earringsrding shipping pa cartoon earringsyment.

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