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Locket Title : A sweet little princeColor : silver pla pop surrealismted Mea pop surrealismsurements:Ima pop surrealismge size : 14 mm x 18 mmCha pop surrealismin : 56 cm The locket is ha pop surrealismnd-ma pop surrealismde a pop surrealismnd the ima pop surrealismge is ba pop surrealismsed in one of my pa pop surrealismintingsThe ima pop surrealismge is printed on high qua pop surrealismlity photo pa pop surrealismper ,set on a pop surrealism vinta pop surrealismge setting a pop surrealismnd sea pop surrealismled under severa pop surrealisml la pop surrealismyers of resin coa pop surrealismting.Ha pop surrealismngs from a pop surrealism medium size cha pop surrealismin a pop surrealismnd is decora pop surrealismted with cha pop surrealismrms.Ea pop surrealismch item in this collection is ha pop surrealismnd ma pop surrealismde a pop surrealismnd uniqueThe penda pop surrealismnt is pa pop surrealismcked in a pop surrealismn orga pop surrealismnza pop surrealism pouch inside a pop surrealism box ( rea pop surrealismdy for gift giving).****All items a pop surrealismre shipped on first priority ma pop surrealismilThis item is shipped with tra pop surrealismcking ******About my jewelry collection\u2665My jewelry collection is crea pop surrealismted for people tha pop surrealismt love colorful,crea pop surrealismtive,unique items crea pop surrealismted from illustra pop surrealismtions a pop surrealismnd fa pop surrealismiryta pop surrealismles.For this collection I try to combine unique a pop surrealismnd unusua pop surrealisml ma pop surrealismteria pop surrealismls like pa pop surrealismper,meta pop surrealisml, gla pop surrealismss,fa pop surrealismbric etc with drea pop surrealismms, ma pop surrealismgic a pop surrealismnd ima pop surrealismges from childhood..All ima pop surrealismges a pop surrealismre copyrighted plea pop surrealismse do not use themwithout my permission.Tha pop surrealismnk you

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