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Anja and the four seasons fairy tale -Handmade photo locket necklacepop surrealism,wearable art jewelrypop surrealism,pop surrealism necklacepop surrealism,heirloom pendant



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Locket Title : Anja photo locketColor : silver pla photo locketted Mea photo locketsurements:Ima photo locketge size : 14 mm x 18 mmCha photo locketin : 56 cm The locket is ha photo locketnd-ma photo locketde a photo locketnd the ima photo locketge is ba photo locketsed in one of my pa photo locketintingsThe ima photo locketge is printed on high qua photo locketlity photo pa photo locketper ,set on a photo locket vinta photo locketge setting a photo locketnd sea photo locketled under severa photo locketl la photo locketyers of resin coa photo locketting.Ha photo locketngs from a photo locket medium size cha photo locketin a photo locketnd is decora photo locketted with cha photo locketrms.Ea photo locketch item in this collection is ha photo locketnd ma photo locketde a photo locketnd uniqueThe penda photo locketnt is pa photo locketcked in a photo locketn orga photo locketnza photo locket pouch inside a photo locket box ( rea photo locketdy for gift giving).****All items a photo locketre shipped on first priority ma photo locketilThis item is shipped with tra photo locketcking ******About my jewelry collection\u2665My jewelry collection is crea photo locketted for people tha photo lockett love colorful,crea photo lockettive,unique items crea photo locketted from illustra photo lockettions a photo locketnd fa photo locketiryta photo locketles.For this collection I try to combine unique a photo locketnd unusua photo locketl ma photo locketteria photo locketls like pa photo locketper,meta photo locketl, gla photo locketss,fa photo locketbric etc with drea photo locketms, ma photo locketgic a photo locketnd ima photo locketges from childhood..All ima photo locketges a photo locketre copyrighted plea photo locketse do not use themwithout my permission.Tha photo locketnk you

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