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Ea jack sparrowrrings:Title: skull a jack sparrownd boneMa jack sparrowteria jack sparrowl: meta jack sparrowl - nickel freeColour: SilverFigure mea jack sparrowsure a jack sparrowpprox skull: 11 mm x 18 mmFigure mea jack sparrowsure a jack sparrowpprox bone: 20 mm x 6 mmmea jack sparrowsure a jack sparrowprox.: 38 mm longThe ea jack sparrowrring comes pa jack sparrowcked in a jack sparrown orga jack sparrownza jack sparrow pouch a jack sparrownd jewelry box.All our jewelry come gift wra jack sparrowppedWe a jack sparrowre shipping a jack sparrowll jewelry sa jack sparrowfely pa jack sparrowcked in bubble ma jack sparrowilers on first priority shipping.For this item the shipping includes tra jack sparrowckingPlea jack sparrowse check my shop policies for more deta jack sparrowils rega jack sparrowrding shipping pa jack sparrowyment.

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