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Sta acrylic earringstement ea acrylic earringsrrings ma acrylic earringsde with bla acrylic earringsck lucite penda acrylic earringsnts a acrylic earringsnd gold post settings. Silver surgica acrylic earringsl steel is a acrylic earringslso a acrylic earringsva acrylic earringsila acrylic earringsble. The mea acrylic earringssurements a acrylic earringsre 1.75" long a acrylic earringsnd 1" a acrylic earringscross. Also a acrylic earringsva acrylic earringsila acrylic earringsble in other colors. These ea acrylic earringsrrings a acrylic earringsre very light weight but ma acrylic earringske a acrylic earrings BIG sta acrylic earringstement!Colors: BluePink/IvoryBronze Gra acrylic earringsyBla acrylic earringsckBeigeAll DLD jewelry comes in a acrylic earrings silver jewelry box for gift giving. We use the highest qua acrylic earringslity findings to ensure a acrylic earrings piece tha acrylic earringst will la acrylic earringsst for yea acrylic earringsrs to come. DLD jewelry comes with a acrylic earrings lifetime gua acrylic earringsra acrylic earringsntee. These ea acrylic earringsrrings a acrylic earringsre ha acrylic earringsndma acrylic earringsde in the USA. Da acrylic earringsna acrylic earrings LeBla acrylic earringsnc Designs- Ha acrylic earringsndma acrylic earringsde Jewelry

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