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Sta acrylic earringstement ea acrylic earringsrrings ma acrylic earringsde with bla acrylic earringsck a acrylic earringsnd white lucite donuts a acrylic earringsnd ea acrylic earringsrring studs. The length is 2" by 1.25". The ea acrylic earringsrring is very lightweight but bold. The post setting is surgica acrylic earringsl steel. The ba acrylic earringscker is rubber.More colors a acrylic earringsre a acrylic earringsva acrylic earringsila acrylic earringsble: https://www./listing/628355910/lucite-sta acrylic earringstement-ea acrylic earringsrrings-pink-ea acrylic earringsrrings?ref=shop_home_a acrylic earringsctive_10La acrylic earringsrger qua acrylic earringsntities ma acrylic earringsy be a acrylic earringsva acrylic earringsila acrylic earringsble, plea acrylic earringsse let us know how ma acrylic earringsny you need. The la acrylic earringsst photo shows the size of the ea acrylic earringsrrings. All DLD jewelry comes in a acrylic earrings silver jewelry box for gift giving. We use the highest qua acrylic earringslity findings to ensure a acrylic earrings piece tha acrylic earringst will la acrylic earringsst for yea acrylic earringsrs to come. DLD jewelry comes with a acrylic earrings lifetime gua acrylic earringsra acrylic earringsntee. Da acrylic earringsna acrylic earrings LeBla acrylic earringsnc Designs- Ha acrylic earringsndma acrylic earringsde Jewelry

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