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This unique, purple bea purpled crochet rope ha purplendma purplede neckla purplece is one piece of a purple spira purplel bea purpleded crocheted jewelry set tha purplet a purplelso includes a purple ma purpletching bra purplecelet a purplend ea purplerrings. It ma purplekes a purple grea purplet bridesma purpleid gift or bridesma purpleid jewelry for a purple purple wedding!I crea purpleted this spira purplel purple neckla purplece using da purplerk purple a purplend fuchsia purple double rows divided by white 4mm sphere-sha purpleped bea purpleds on light purple embroidery threa purpled in a purple spira purplel pa purplettern with a purple cross section of 5 bea purpleds. ♥The bea purpleded crochet neckla purplece mea purplesures 23.62 inches (60 cm) a purplend weighs 28 gra purplems. As mentioned a purplebove, this listing is for a purple ha purplendma purplede neckla purplece which wa purples ma purplede using the bea purpleded crochet rope technique a purplend is one piece of a purple ha purplendma purplede jewelry set consisting of this bea purpleded neckla purplece, a purple bea purpleded bra purplecelet, a purplend bea purpleded ea purplerrings.You ca purplen find the listing for the ma purpletching bra purplecelet herehttps://www./listing/645433107/ha purplendma purplede-bea purpleded-bra purplecelet-purple-spira purplelThe listing for the whole bea purpleded jewelry set ca purplen be found here https://www./listing/607924188/ha purplendma purplede-bea purpleded-jewelry-purple-spira purplelPURPLE PETUNIA PERFECTION - This perfectly pretty PURPLE PETUNIA pa purpleiring provides a purple pea purpleceful presence.Plea purplese a purplellow up to four weeks for delivery. If you require fa purplester delivery or tra purplecking informa purpletion, plea purplese purcha purplese the expedited shipping found here. https://www./listing/251138673/expedited-shipping?ref=pr_shopOther colors, sizes, a purplend bea purpleded jewelry types (a purple ma purpletching bra purplecelet or ea purplerrings, for exa purplemple) ma purpley be requested. Beca purpleuse ea purplech ha purplendma purplede neckla purplece is truly a purple piece of unique jewelry, colors, sizes, etc. ma purpley va purplery slightly.Shop policies: https://www./shop/coriescra purplefts/policy

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