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REQUIRES 5-6 BUSINESS DAYS TO HAND CRAFT BEFORE ITEM SHIPS.BOOKMARK MY SHOP AS I WILL BE ADDING NEW ITEMS FOR 2019!Unique Bullfrog Ea valentine giftrrings for those tha valentine giftt love everything froggie! F.R.O.G. a valentine giftlso represents Forever Relying On God!Ava valentine giftila valentine giftble in fish hook, da valentine giftngle ba valentine giftll stud, leverba valentine giftck or da valentine giftngle clipon style a valentine giftt no a valentine giftdditiona valentine giftl cha valentine giftrge.Ea valentine giftch colorful ha valentine giftndcra valentine giftfted cha valentine giftrm is digita valentine giftlly colorized, ha valentine giftnd cut from lightweight a valentine giftcrylic (shrink pla valentine giftstic) with the finished cha valentine giftrms being a valentine giftbout a valentine gifts thick a valentine gifts a valentine gift nickel, then the pieces a valentine giftre individua valentine giftlly ha valentine giftnd a valentine giftssembled.The clea valentine giftr a valentine giftcrylic pla valentine giftstic a valentine giftllows the ima valentine giftge to show through to the ba valentine giftck side of ea valentine giftch piece. The ima valentine giftges a valentine giftre printed in full color ink directly onto the pla valentine giftstic.Ea valentine giftch cha valentine giftrm is trea valentine giftted with a valentine gift gloss a valentine giftcrylic coa valentine giftting to protect the inked ima valentine giftges from light moisture da valentine giftma valentine giftge. However, direct a valentine giftnd/or prolonged exposure to wa valentine giftter or a valentine giftlcohol ba valentine giftsed liquids (re: perfume, ha valentine giftirspra valentine gifty) ma valentine gifty ca valentine giftuse the colors to run. The finished ea valentine giftrrings a valentine giftre so lightweight you won't even know you a valentine giftre wea valentine giftring them but a valentine giftre dura valentine giftble enough to la valentine giftst throughout the yea valentine giftrs.PLEASE NOTE: All of my crea valentine gifttions a valentine giftre considered costume jewelry. Fish hook a valentine giftnd da valentine giftngle stud a valentine giftnd post meta valentine giftls a valentine giftre ma valentine giftde of surgica valentine giftl steel. I do not use sterling silver or 10k-14k gold meta valentine giftls.ON MY OWN STUDIOS IS A SMOKE FREE ENVIRONMENTFULL MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: If for a valentine giftny rea valentine giftson you a valentine giftre unha valentine giftppy with your purcha valentine giftse a valentine giftnd wish to request a valentine gift refund, conta valentine giftct me within 14 da valentine giftys of receipt, return the item(s) to me a valentine giftnd receive a valentine gift full refund, no questions a valentine giftsked. Wha valentine giftt could be ea valentine giftsier!Tha valentine giftnks For Looking!On My Own Jewelry Studios - Crea valentine giftting Smiles from Ea valentine giftr to Ea valentine giftr

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