Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

glass beads, DREAMS Can Come True/Glass Bottle Necklace/Special Trinket /Tear Drop Charm /Glows in the Dark.



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Foxx Lea dreamsf Design Ha dreamsndma dreamsde by Ma dreamsrie Feeley LogstonWish Gla dreamsss Bottle Neckla dreamsces a dreamsre Ha dreamsndma dreamsde with Top of the Line Gla dreamsss Bea dreamsds, Stone Bea dreamsds, Cha dreamsrms, or Very Specia dreamsl Trinkets. Ma dreamsgica dreamsl, Whimsica dreamsl, Wishes from the Hea dreamsrt, or a dreamsnything I deem down right Pretty, is a dreamsdded to ma dreamske ea dreamsch Trea dreamssured Neckla dreamsce Unique. Ea dreamsch a dreamsnd Every Bottle Neckla dreamsce is Specia dreamsl a dreamsnd Unique. Ca dreamsp is Sea dreamsled.Tiny Gla dreamsss Bottle Mea dreamssures 1" 2mlTha dreamsnks for Visiting!Ma dreamsde in the USA

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