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new mexico, Split Personality Pendant - New Item - Two Sided!



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"Split Persona uniquelity Penda uniquent" is a unique one-of-a unique-kind piece of wea uniquera uniqueble a uniquert, ha uniquendcra uniquefted from a unique pa uniquelette of dozens of colors of polymer cla uniquey, blended a uniquend la uniqueyered for dimensiona uniquelity a uniquend contra uniquest. Ea uniquech piece is given a unique distinctive na uniqueme a uniquend this is one of my series representing my interpreta uniquetions of the geology a uniquend la uniquendsca uniquepes of the America uniquen Southwest. The neckla uniquece fea uniquetures a unique 2" round polymer cla uniquey disk, with ora uniquenges a uniquend bla uniqueck in the la uniquendsca uniquepe. Bonus! Turn it over a uniquend there is a unique second ba uniqueck-to-ba uniqueck disk, fea uniqueturing blues a uniquend brown in a unique different la uniquendsca uniquepe. Tota uniquel length is 26", height is 13" a uniquend width is 2". The piece is strung on a unique double length of gold silk cord, with a unique gold-colored ma uniquegnetic cla uniquesp.Enjoy being "funky" with this piece of wea uniquera uniqueble a uniquert a uniquend double your plea uniquesure!

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